Forged Wheels

Forged wheels have been a top choice for lightweight, strong and durable wheels for cars and trucks for the last decades. These properties are acquired during complex manufacturing process, called forging.

Alloy Wheels

Forged wheels are made from a solid billet of aluminum or aluminum alloy which undergoes repetitive machining using hammer and presses to forge them into required shape. That's why wheels manufactured using this method are referred to as 'forged'.

Forged Wheels are Durable

Being shaped from a solid piece of aluminum using extreme pressure, forged wheels are extremely dense, free of pores and therefore strong. While the strength of cast wheels is distributed along all the wheel, forged wheels has its longitudinal axis as a core where the strength of the wheel is concentrated.
They don't tend to crack or break easily and are able to withstand even severe driving conditions. Forged wheels are usually made from high-grade aluminum which makes them quite corrosion resistant.

Alloy Wheels

Benefits of Lightweight Wheels

As we've already mentioned, forged wheels are extremely light, which has indisputable advantages for those who are after high performance of their vehicles. Reduced wheel weight results in improved acceleration, as the rotational mass reduces proportionally. What's more havier wheels put more stress on the braking system, so changing them to lighweight forged wheels will improve braking performance and safety.

Alloy Wheels

The Price of Forged Wheels

Forged wheels have higher price tag compared to cast wheels. The reason why forged wheels are quite expensive is that forging process requires advanced machinery, ongoing research and improvement of the technology. Plus, the amount of metal required to produce forged wheels is bigger than the one needed to make cast wheels.

Alloy Wheels

That's why casting is usually applicable in mass production of cheaper wheels, while forging is used to produce more expensive custom wheels with exclusive design.

In conclusion

Benefits of forged wheels lie in their durability, high performance and a variety of custom designs that will satisfy even the most demanding car customizer. Their major disadvantage is a high price, which is justified though by expensive manufacturing process.

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