How to choose custom wheels

With so many drivers on the roads nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to distinguish their ride from everyone else's. No matter if you just bought your car, or have it for a while already, you're always looking for ways to personalize it and make it "your own".
You already have the most powerful engine, high-performance transmission, cool brakes, all known exterior and interior mods, but your ride still looks incomplete? Whether you own a street cruiser or road-race monster, it won't look complete without a fresh set of aftermarket wheels on!

How to choose custom wheels

Buying Right Custom Wheels

Modern market of automotive products has a huge number of goods available for a customer. Aftermarket wheels segment is not an exception. When it comes the moment to buy a new set of custom wheels, it can become a real challenge, because of the wide selection types and sizes. Hundreds of rim styles, various finishes, myriads of size options, the most famous and unknown rim brands - it is easy to get lost here.

Buying the right wheels is not an easy decision - you need to understand all the intricacies, know exactly what will fit and what will not, know how to assemble them. To begin with ask yourself if you're familiar with such terms like bolt pattern, offset, back spacing, center bore, forging, wheel size, etc. All those dimensions should be considered when you're choosing custom wheels. You might know exactly how you want your rims to look and what price you are ready to pay for them, but very often the most important details are overlooked. That is why it is so important to consult with experienced and attentive specialist first.

Custom wheels

Custom Wheels at CARiD

If you're a car noob, or simply not really into the wheel thing yet, you don't know how to buy rims, what size fits your car, or you simply haven't decided yet what option would be the best, there is nothing wrong to ask for a professional advice and CARiD wheel experts are ready to help you out.
At custom wheels department they not only showcase the best examples of modern wheel art and represent the best rim brands. They have dedicated team of professionals, ready to provide you with the right advice and the best customer service. With the most accurate and constantly updated wheel database in the industry, you get guaranteed fitment for your vehicle. You won't have to worry about the tire pressure sensors, the right lug nuts or bolts, mounting and balancing. Those guys deal with the best wheels and tires every day and know exactly what you need to complete the look of a perfect vehicle for you!

Custom Wheels at Carid

Whatever vehicle you own, custom wheels will add it a unique look, accentuate its identity and let you collect admiring glances wherever you go. Now, when you're armed with all needed information, isn't it the right time to put on your ride into new shoes?

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